• Sold nearly $50M in real estate the past six years
  • Negotiated another $50M in short sales
  • In real estate industry for over 11 years
Relationships matter.

With the full support and guidance of his hard working parents, Artin was highly encouraged to pursue a career in Real estate after graduating high school. While obtaining his Real Estate Salesperson license in 2007 and eventually his Broker’s license in 2011, nothing came easy. Many challenging months and years of hard work and dedication helped shape his current status as a successful broker. In all, he has 11 years of extensive and varied experience in many different real estate related transactions.

Early in his career, Artin established his reputation by working closely with investors to match them with the right investment vehicle. One main outlet was the trustee sale properties which are auction-type sales of distressed properties on the courthouse steps. An exciting but risky method of acquiring real estate, cautious verification of specifics on liens, taxes, and a multitude of details are required. He continues to hold strong relationships with the very investors he worked with to launch his career.

As cliché as this sounds, real estate is truly a cyclical phenomenon. As a broker, it is imperative to stay mentally sharp and focused to be able to thrive in all markets. As the market hit its low point in late 2007 and the coming years, distressed properties flood the markets. Many helpless homeowners were forced to short sale their properties. Artin mastered the short sale conundrum in its entirety. Marketing, processing, negotiations, you name it and he perfected it! With more than 100 negotiated short sales with National Properties all throughout the State of California, he has established an extensive network of contacts and relationships with numerous banks. While he's sold nearly $50 million in real estate in the past six years alone, Artin has also successfully negotiated an additional $50 million in short sales for other realtors.

The real estate industry albeit sounds and seems a bit intimidating and complex, it truly is like any other sector of our everyday industries. The most essential value in success is relationships. The key to Artin's success and strategy is the strong bond he has built in his relationships with past and current clients. Whether they are investors, officials from financial institutions or people who interact with him in some other capacity, in Artin's words: "Relationships Matter."

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